Impact Areas

Why it Matters

In 1919, the average life expectancy in the United States was 55 years old. Today, the average life expectancy is 79. This 43% increase is not due to genetics or evolution, it is the result of our world becoming safer, healthier, and more resilient. As a key convener and accelerator of advancement and innovation, associations have been involved in critical initiatives aimed at protecting consumers, patients, and communities.

Associations spur research into new areas of medical discovery and innovation and improve the lives of all. They play a key role in self-regulating industries and improving products and services, thus protecting consumers, families, and communities from harm. As industries self-regulate through collaboration with their association, low-quality and sometimes dangerous products are removed from the marketplace. By bringing together industry leaders and experts, associations coordinate important efforts, such as restoring power to devastated communities and implementing solutions to humanitarian challenges throughout the world.

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