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The Power of Benchmarking in Pursuit of Sustainability

The Power of Benchmarking in Pursuit of Sustainability

Sustainability gained popularity among building design and construction practitioners during the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. As new construction standards were set, the Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) recognized a gap between the standards and the staff capabilities to understand and implement the strategies necessary to increase energy efficiencies.

BOMA identified an opportunity to guide building operators toward clearer sustainability goals. They began by leveraging the association’s Experience Exchange Report (EER), a 100-year-old survey that catalogs and aggregates key financial and performance data for buildings in 250 North American cities. BOMA then went a step further by creating programs designed to address building management’s role in providing an environmentally-friendly building for its tenants. They created energy-driven programs that would not only facilitate the benchmarking of the EER, but also advance sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings across the country. The key to these programs has been a data-driven approach that prizes transparency and benchmarking.

Energy benchmarking and sustainability have far-reaching impacts on society. BOMA’s programs have helped building owners and tenants save on utility bills while benefiting society via greenhouse gas reductions. The Experience Exchange Report has indicated a significant reduction of energy use in participating commercial buildings. More than 2,000 buildings around the world have received BOMA 360 Performance Program designations since 2009. A study conducted by CoStar Group, Inc. reports that BOMA 360 buildings have higher tenant retention rates and are worth higher rental rates than similar buildings without the designation.

We’re helping to save the planet. A better environment for them and their children and grandchildren. Better, safer, cleaner, environmentally-friendly places to work. What we have offered is the ability and tools our members need to be stewards of the built environment. We take our responsibility seriously.

– Henry Chamberlain, president, BOMA International

Did you know?

In 2017, residential and commercial buildings accounted for about 39% of total energy consumption.
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